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Jordan Jackson, that is

First and foremost, welcome to my website!! Since you're here, I'm assuming theres some sort of interst so lets jump into the fun stuff. Born and raised in the Big Apple but currently living in the Big Peach - thats Georgia btw. I was first bit by the tech bug back in 2017 when I started working at Fullstack Academy. I watched how tech changed the lives of so many people and I patiently waited for the perfect opportunity to break into the industry myself. As you can see from this website, the stars have aligned and I am moving full steam ahead to claim a spot in the great world of tech.

Meet Jordan

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My career started in retail, which is why I value teamwork so much. When you're working inside of a store, you can't succed without your team which is why I value it so much. Throughout my career I had to interact with and oversee hundreds of daily customer interactions. All of these experiences have honed my emotional intelligence, which is a skill that I have used throughout my professional career. I'm embarking on this tech journey because my goal is to enhance my relationship building skills by weaving in some technical capabilities.

Atlanta, GA
Email: J.jackson2400@gmail.com